Our Global Focus

Picture this – A family is expecting a child but doesn’t think they have the financial means to support their kid – what’s next?

The Resource Effect.

Lack of financial means is one of the biggest risk factors involved in family separation and is manifested in several ways. A family may think that their child will have access to more resources in an orphanage. A family may also rely on one source of income to provide for their children and losing that source can mean an inability to afford education, doctor’s visits, or even meals and water.

Prevent family separation and increase family reunification by supplementing the incomes of female-headed households in Kenya.

Measuring Success.

Hopeland would track all key indicators:

(1) amount of financial support provided,

(2) number of families taking action to support,

(3) number of women and children receiving support,

(4) reductions in children living outside of family care, and

(5) improvements in quality of life for children, including educational attendance, nutrition and exposure to family violence, all in the targeted areas.