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What we do.

Hopeland’s campaigns are all
focused on moving towards a world where
every child grows up in a safe loving family.

The most important thing for a child to be able to thrive and be the best that they can be is the permanence that a family can give them.

There are 25 million children worldwide separated from their families and too often the normal way of doing business only leads to harm not help for those incredibly vulnerable youth. Surely no one could doubt that we need to work together to find better ways to keep children in families. That’s why we invite you to join Hopeland’s family in this critical mission.



With everything we do, family is always first


We’re not afraid to work with those others would consider rivals


We work with honesty to make sure we positively impact the lives of those we set out to help


We tackle centuries old practices and systems that too often hurt, not help

All of our campaigns share a common thread – they prevent family separation, reunite separated families, or mobilize families to support the neediest:


What if we could prevent children and families from separating? Hopeland is pioneering an innovative, first-of-its-kind initiative to test whether family strengthening initiatives to vulnerable families can reduce the likelihood of parent/child separation. Family care is eight times less expensive than an orphanage and provide vastly better outcomes for children. If we can have better outcomes for less cost why wouldn’t we do that?


Whether because of poverty, climate change, conflict or many other reasons, some families have already separated. We know, however, that 80% of children living in orphanages are not really orphans at all. They have a living parent who could care for the child with the right support.


There are 80 families for every child without one. Imagine if it was easier for these families to support children growing up without their families? This explains our domestic campaigning which while giving support to vulnerable children here in the U.S. is also aimed at mobilizing an army of families to give whatever support they can to these youth.

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