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Rescuing Ukrainian Children From Conflict

Around the world, war and conflicts often force parent-child separation. Hopeland is partnering with Save Ukraine to rescue and provide shelter for children and families all throughout combat zones in Ukraine, ensuring more families can stay together.

Read more below to see far your donation will go.


Children have been displaced - that's 65% of children in Ukraine


People have been displaced


of Ukraine's energy infrastructure has been seriously damaged

Hopeland and Save Ukraine

Our Co-Founder Deborra-lee Furness recently met with Nikolai Kuleba, founder of Save Ukraine, to learn more about Save Ukraine and form a partnership to protect children, prevent family separation, and ensure separated families can be reunited.

Nikolai served as Ombudsman for Children with two Presidents of Ukraine, including Zelensky, from 2014 to 2021. His knowledge and experience has put him in the unique position to run Save Ukraine. 

Save Ukraine's Response to Crisis



Rescue families and children from combat zones

Emergency Assistance

Provide people with emergency shelter and basic needs through Save Ukraine’s hubs


Provide long term accommodations for those who are vulnerable

Rebuild Lives

Help people to start a new life in peace and dignity to build a flourishing Ukrainian identity

Deborra-lee and Nikolai Discuss Rescue Operations

How does your donation help?


Support Evacuation Efforts

By receiving calls via Save Ukraine 24/7 hotlines, the teams rescue up to 500 people a day from active combat zones and take them to one of 15 rescue hubs in safer areas throughout Ukraine.

Thousands of children need to be evacuated and are still waiting for our emergency assistance with your support


Support Children with a Survival Kit

As soon as the Save Ukraine teams reach hiding points the children receive survival kits. After weeks in darkness and hazard, children can finally step out of the basements, have food and water and start their journey to safe places

Survival Kits Include:

  • Personal hygiene kit
  • Nutrition bars, water
  • Instant soup and instant porridge
  • Coloring book and pencils
  • Several books, a plushie and more
  • Raincoat, fleece blanket, waterproof lantern

Full Interview Between Nikolai and Deborra-lee