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Let's End Orphanage

Today there are an estimated 5.4 million children in orphanages worldwide. many of these children are trafficked in and out of orphanages, and research shows that many kids raised in orphanages have a poorer development of IQ, height, weight, and even brain volume.



Children are in orphanages today


Of children in orphanages have a living parent


Cheaper to raise a child in a family than in an orphanage

We've partnered with NERVO and Global Citizen to create a petition that will be submitted to the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly to urge immediate action to end orphanage trafficking. Click the button to sign the petition.


How do we eliminate orphanage trafficking?


Donate to organizations that prioritize family based care solutions

  • The 2019 UN General Assembly Resolution on the Rights of the Child that highlighted the fundamental importance of family-based care
  • Instead of donating to orphanages, find sustainable programs that support the family to have the resources they need to keep their children


Sign our petition to urge the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly to:

  • Advocate for member parliaments to criminalize orphanage trafficking
  • Draft model legislation for states
  • Encourage member parliaments to prioritize family based care in all child care and protection policies
  • Encourage member states to enact and enforce legislation which phases out orphanages¬† and other forms of institutional care

CEO Nicholas Evans sits with NERVO

Today almost one third of all human trafficking victims are children. 

We urge governments and the Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly to criminalize orphanage trafficking and adopt a framework for phasing out orphanages.

We all have a role to play to ensure no child falls victim to these horrid fates.

Together, we can end orphanage trafficking and provide children with the safe and nurturing family they deserve.