NicholasEvans-2-23FinalCropwebNicholas Evans

CEO & Co-Founder

Nicholas Evans is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Hopeland. Prior to joining Hopeland in 2014, Nicholas was a part of Addaction, the largest organization for Drug and Alcohol treatment in the United Kingdom, for 10 years. Nicholas served on multiple leadership roles and worked as Area Manager his last 15 months with Addaction. As Area Manager, Nicholas was responsible for overseeing an expansive portfolio of contracts across the North West of England. This included young people services, drug treatment services, and criminal justice services.

Nicholas worked with public health colleagues to develop an innovative approach to substance misuse treatment. This approach attracted national attention from Public Health England. Nicholas has spoken at numerous events around Public Policy and Drug Abuse. He has received national recognition from former British prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for his achievements in this sector. Nicholas has served as a board member and a trustee in various capacities and brings his experience to his role at Hopeland.

Nicholas is driving Hopeland to make the dream of every child in a safe, loving, permanent family into a reality. His role is crucial in the strategic and operational building of Hopeland.

Deborra-leeDeborra-lee Furness

Co-Founder & Honorary Board Member

Deborra-lee Furness is an internationally acclaimed actress as well as a passionate advocate for vulnerable and abandoned children. Deborra-lee has travelled extensively around the world through personal travels and her role as a World Vision Ambassador. Through her travels, she began to recognize more deeply the plight of children. This understanding has ignited a desire for change to advocate for child welfare. Deborra-lee became more convinced of the need for an organization like Hopeland to communicate the significance of a loving, safe family for children worldwide.

Deborra-lee brings a wealth of experience having founded Adopt Change, an Australian based organization. Adopt Change commissioned and launched the 1st national research into adoption and the results provided the information and data that has driven the need for change in this area. Adopt Change has worked to improve the culture surrounding adoption and is currently developing the Centre for Excellence in Australia, which will collate research and support new practice, to ensure that good practice around adoption becomes common practice. For her advocacy work she has been honored around the world. In 2012, Harlem Village Academies honored Deborra-lee and her husband Hugh for their philanthropic work and more recently was named New South Wales Australian of the year, 2015.

Board of Directors

Kathleen Strottman

Chair of Board of Directors

Kathleen Strottman comes to her role as the Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Children with 15-years experience as a policy advocate for vulnerable children. The Global Alliance for Children mobilizes targeted investments in childhood as a core component of a nations social and economic progress. They are working to have children reach key developmental milestones, live in family care, and live in protection from violence, exploitation, and abuse. Kathleen was previously the Executive Director of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute where she was an expert in legislation related to children outside of family care. As Legislative Director for Senator Mary Landrieu, Kathleen played a principal role in the passage of legislation such as the No Child Left Behind Act and other important legislation acts.

Kathleen has worked to increase the opportunity for positive dialogue and the exchange of best practice in child welfare. Kathleen regularly presents at national and international child welfare conferences and has appeared on CNN, FOX News, CBS, NBC, C-SPAN, PBS and numerous other media outlets. Kathleen attended Whittier Law School’s Center for Children’s where she graduated with honors and received a state certified specialty in juvenile advocacy. She and her husband, Matt, are the proud parents of four children, Grace, Noah, Liam and Emerson.

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