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Let's End Child Slavery Together

Hopeland, Nervo and the International Labor Organization share a passionate commitment to children’s rights. That’s why we’ve come together at Tomorrowland to share the message with young people at the festival and beyond. 



Children are in child labour, that’s 1 in 10 children world-wide.


Children are in dangerous work that puts their physical and emotional health at risk.


Children are considered to be in modern slavery.


How do we eliminate child slavery?


Spreading awareness about child labor

Increasing awareness of this issue will accelerate action and change for vulnerable children. Take a stand against child labor. Tweet the following message to make your voice be heard:

Today almost one third of all human trafficking victims are children and 160 million children worldwide are in child labor! Let’s work together to support families to #endchildlabor #letkidsbekids #endchildtrafficking @ourhopeland @ilo @nervomusic


Support organizations that strengthen families by:

  • Providing decent work and skills for parents
  • Giving education to all children

Ensuring parents have suitable jobs, allows them to provide for their families and send their kids to school. Providing an education for kids increases the opportunity for them to break the cycle of poverty and have hope for a better future. 

Today almost one third of all human trafficking victims are children. And 160 million children worldwide are in child labour.

That’s a massive wake-up call for humanity! Action is needed to help children now and ensure a new generation is not put at risk.

We must break the cycle of poverty, child labor and trafficking so that children are safe, with their families, and in school with hope for a better future.

We all have a role to play to ensure no child is left behind!