Our Domestic Focus

Within the United States.

The Foster Care System in the US is broken. There are a number of stress points which need urgent attention.

What's the Focus?

Opioid deaths around the country are happening at an alarming rate.* This means children are increasingly being placed into foster care systems all over the US.* This also means grandparents are are being approached to raise children who have lost their original parents more often.

Now factor in that as opioid deaths continue to increase and more and more grandparents have to provide care, the total number of families who can adopt or raise a foster child begins to decrease, leaving many of them to be raised in a foster care system for the rest of their lives.

Improve the lives and future prospects of children growing up without family care in the United States by mobilizing an additional 10,000 families to take action to support them

Support comes in many forms

For every child without a family, there are 80 families. Support doesn’t have to mean adoption. American families can have options, whether they be providing regular school support to a child in foster care, giving grandparents raising their grandkids a break from the daily grind, or helping a child aging out of foster care with rent or finding a job.