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Ukrainian Children Need Your Help

The children of Ukraine have been living in a war torn environment for nearly one year. Winter is quickly approaching and there are many children and families in desperate need of rescue.

Hopeland is partnering with an incredible organization, Save Ukraine, whose volunteers are putting their lives at risk to save, and provide shelter for, children and families throughout combat zones in Ukraine. The people who are left behind now are the most vulnerable ones. They need our help.

Follow this link below to learn how a $95 donation can rescue a child in Ukraine and provide them with basic emergency supplies like a blanket, gloves, water and more.

Hopeland and Save Ukraine

Our Co-Founder Deborra-lee Furness recently met with Nikolai Kuleba, founder of Save Ukraine. Hopeland and Save Ukraine are forming a partnership to protect children, prevent family separation, and reunite separated families.

Nikolai served as Ombudsman for Children with two Presidents of Ukraine, including President Zelenskyy, from 2014 to 2021. His knowledge and experience have put him in the unique position to run Save Ukraine.

Listen to Nikolai detail what is involved in a rescue:

How Can You Help?

Your donation of $95 supports Ukrainians in two ways:

1) You support the evacuations effort in Ukraine. Rescue teams receive calls via Save Ukraine 24/7 hotlines. Every day approximately 500 people are rescued from active combat zones and taken to one of fifteen rescue hubs throughout Ukraine.

Your donation helps us provide emergency assistance to children in combat zones.

2) You provide a survival kit to a child. Children with Save Ukraine teams are given survival kits immediately after reaching a hiding point. After weeks in darkness and hazard, children can finally step out of the basements, have food and water, and start their journey to safe places.

Survival Kits include: a personal hygiene kit, nutrition bars, water and food, a coloring book and pencils, a plushie, a raincoat, and more.

You can rescue a Ukrainian child today!

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