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Spreading Our Message to End Orphanage Trafficking

Hopeland’s Co-Founder and CEO, Nicholas Evans, has been following up on our successful efforts to pass a resolution on orphanage trafficking at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) by spreading the word on how we can work together to achieve our goals.

His latest Op-Ed on this subject was recently published in The Imprint, an online daily news outlet focused on the nation’s child welfare and youth justice systems. 

In his article Evans shares the message that there is “an alarming connection between residential care facilities, such as orphanages and children’s homes, and human trafficking.”

The problem, Evans continues is “that of the millions of children living in orphanages around the world, research shows that in many countries, the vast majority have a mother or father who is alive. Poverty, not orphanhood, is the most common driving factor leading parents to place their children in orphanages.” It is this reality, along with the billions of dollars in donations every year from the U.S. alone that causes the practice of orphanage trafficking to live on.

There is a solution to this crisis, however, Evans argues in the article, “Shifting support from residential models of care to strengthening families and supporting family-based models of care is a realistic solution. Family-centered support allows parents the opportunity to care well for their children, ensures better outcomes for their development, and avoids contributing to the problem of orphanage trafficking.

“Decades of research have found that, compared to children in residential facilities, children in families, even poor families, develop better. Children who spend time in orphanages don’t develop the way their peers raised in families do, and they also often struggle later in life. Family provides the love, belonging and identity children need to thrive into adulthood.”

Hopeland is taking action by supporting international efforts to outlaw orphanage trafficking. “In 2019, every member country of the United Nations General Assembly publicly committed to ending the institutionalization of children and, in a historic resolution, pledged to prioritize family-based care in their countries”, Evans reminds us.

Now with another historic resolution passed, this time at the IPU, we are encouraged that action is being taken by the global community. 

You can read Nicholas’ article in full here.

Hopeland’s Petition Boosts Orphanage Trafficking Resolution

At a historic meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union on October 27th, 2023 a groundbreaking Resolution was passed at the 147th Assembly of that body which calls on all 180 member states of the organization to:

1. Criminalize orphanage trafficking
2. Adopt model legislation to tackle the practice
3. Prioritize family-based care in all child care and protection policies
4. Strengthen deinstitutionalization programs and phase out orphanages and other forms of institutional care

The support and pressure of thousands of Hopeland supporters around the world has made a huge difference in delivering this Resolution. This means your activism will positively impact the millions of children around the world who have been trafficked into orphanages.

This vital resolution was supported by the signatures of over 41,000 Hopeland supporters who signed our petition calling on the IPU to pass this resolution. Thank you so much for your support!

During the week-long debate on the resolution 30 nations spoke – all of whom were in support of this important action that will mean significant action will be taken by the IPU’s member states to end orphanage trafficking.

Addressing the committee, Senator Linda Reynolds of Western Australia, who introduced the Resolution, said “This is a comprehensive and practical resolution that is focused on supporting parliamentarians to take meaningful action to stop this form of child trafficking, through education, legislation and advocacy.”

“In this resolution,” she continued, “we have much to be proud of. In fact, we have 8 million reasons to be proud. That is because 8 million vulnerable children have been transferred into orphanages or residential care settings for the purpose of exploitation or profit.”

Now, thanks to the tireless work of Senator Reynolds and the more than 41,000 of you who signed our petition – these children who have been exploited now have a chance of freedom and of growing up in a safe, loving family.

“I am so proud to have witnessed the passage of this resolution because I know how important it will be for the millions of vulnerable children worldwide who have been trafficked into and out of orphanages worldwide,” said Nick Evans, Hopeland Co-Founder & CEO.

“I am also so thankful to every single person who signed our petition”, Evans continued, “by demanding change you put the pressure on members of the IPU to pass this Resolution and ensure every child can grow up in a safe, loving family.”

Orphanage Trafficking is the recruitment or transfer of children into orphanages, or any residential care facility for the purpose of exploitation or profit. Orphanage traffickers prey upon children who are vulnerable to exploitation due to poverty, lack of access to education, and other causes. Children trafficked into orphanages may be subject to labor or sexual exploitation, servitude, or slavery-like practices, or harbored in orphanages to generate profit. It also results in the unnecessary separation of children from their families and exposes children to the devastatingly harmful developmental impacts associated with institutionalization.

It has also been shown that not only are children trafficked into orphanages – they have also been trafficked out of orphanages and into the sex trade and other exploitative practices. We must take action together to stop this.

We will continue to work with Senator Reynolds to keep the pressure on the IPU member states and to make sure they live up to their commitments to tackle orphanage trafficking and protect vulnerable children all over the world from this wicked practice.

Make sure you keep following us for updates as we make more and more progress for children and families!

Supporting Innovative Solutions for Families in South Sudan

Every year around 1 million people in South Sudan are displaced due to significant flooding. These families are already living in severe poverty and many have fled conflict – adding the devastating threat of flooding has a deeply detrimental impact on the wellbeing of families and puts many children at greater risk of abduction and recruitment.

Families impacted by flooding in South Sudan are doing everything they can to keep their families together and provide what their children need – but without help the challenge might prove too much.

That is why Hopeland has partnered with a Swiss-based humanitarian organization, Medair, to support the production and distribution of a brand new innovative solution for South Sudanese families.

Hopeland’s Co-Founder and CEO, Nick Evans and Medair’s CEO, Anne Reitsema sign an Memorandum of Understanding on the shelter kit project

This solution will keep families together during environmental crises. The flood-resistant homes provide a safe and secure environment, preventing displacement and the separation of children from their parents. Designed to be durable and long-lasting, they offer stability and security to families repeatedly affected by flooding.

Announced in our annual report last year we are pleased to be able to tell you that Hopeland and Medair have now formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Better Flood Resilience Shelter Kit project. Initial testing has gone well and the project is on track to continue the roll out in time for the next flooding season.

The project is a major innovation project taking place in South Sudan. Developed in collaboration with the University of Juba, and Swiss Technical University EPFL, the shelter kit is a response to worsening seasonal flooding in South Sudan.

High costs of imported materials, limited shelter assistance funding, and frequent displacements further exacerbate the situation and jeopardize the adoption of generic shelter solutions seen worldwide. These factors make an innovative solution especially valuable – this is why Hopeland is working directly with Medair’s Innovation team to support this life-saving innovation.

The innovation is achieved by designing a single kit that can be configured either as an emergency shelter or a permanent roof for a family home. This affords families both a safe living space following a flood, as well as a key element to their recovery after they return to their village.

Learn more about how you can support this project here!

The shelter kit is manufactured inside South Sudan by local workers using recycled materials including the re-use of used rubber tires which are turned into the ropes that hold the shelter in place. The reliance on locally-sourced materials is a key innovation that can make this solution an accessible intervention to flooding in the country.

Testing of a shelter kit in South Sudan

The first phase of the project aims to provide flood-resistant homes to 170 families, which will benefit over 1000 people in South Sudan. It then has potential to scale further beyond that impacting thousands. By providing resilient shelter assistance, the project will help families stay safe during flooding, prevent displacement, and contribute to the long-term recovery and development of flood-affected communities. Making communities more resilient to environmental disasters will have a long term impact on not just families but all areas of the community.

Hopeland’s Co-Founder and CEO, Nicholas Evans, said, “This shelter innovation prioritizes sustainability and resilience, empowering communities with safety and protection, in order to rebuild and recover from crises. By integrating advanced design ideas with local expertise, we are proud to support a project that not only saves lives but also fosters self-reliance and community empowerment.”

Medair CEO, Anne Reitsema, said, “We are in this together! Medair and Hopeland have a shared passion for helping families survive. We are both committed to finding innovative ways to assist them in their greatest time of need. This combined with the South Sudanese and Swiss Universities’ shared passion for making assistance more efficient and effective makes us stronger together as we seek to come alongside communities grappling with extremely challenging crises which lead to repeated displacement.”

Medair has been operational in South Sudan since 1991. South Sudan is one of Medair’s largest humanitarian programs, providing humanitarian aid and services within WASH, Shelter, Health and Nutrition. Throughout its work in South Sudan, Medair emphasizes collaboration with local communities, government authorities, and other humanitarian partners to ensure effective coordination and maximize the impact of interventions. By combining expertise, resources, and local knowledge, Medair strives to address the complex needs of the population and contribute to sustainable development in South Sudan.

Hopeland is an organization that prioritizes support for families and for children that have been separated from their families. We connect partners to mobilize communities and incubate disruptive solutions that promote safe, stable home environments and nurture children’s development. We are supporting Medair’s vital work through funding, promotion, and other key support over the next two years. We look forward to sharing more updates as this project is rolled out in South Sudan.

Hopeland Highlights Orphanage Trafficking in Influential Global Report

The latest publication of the Global Slavery Index (GSI) was released yesterday in London. It is a major moment for the international community and a huge opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of children and families worldwide.

We are incredibly excited to share with you that Hopeland has partnered with Walk Free to co-author a spotlight on Orphanage Trafficking, the first time ever this issue has featured in the GSI – bringing much needed global attention to an issue we have campaigned on for years.

Hopeland attended the launch of the Global Slavery Index in London, England alongside former British Prime Minister, Teresa May MP and other leaders

The GSI has recognized the connection between children’s institutions and human trafficking, identifying orphanages as being deeply connected to exploitation.

This success builds on our work from 2019 which led to the United Nations General Assembly passing a resolution calling for the progressive phasing out of orphanages, moving towards family-based care, and highlighting the urgent need for action.

This major achievement will ensure that the biggest global players including leading Governments, the United Nations, and major NGOs pay attention to solving the crisis of Orphanage Trafficking.

Thank you to our key supporter doTERRA who have helped us achieve this significant milestone.

You can read our spotlight in full here.

Our spotlight has 4 Key Recommendations for Governments:

  1. Recognize the link between children in orphanages and modern slavery
  2. Curb the proliferation of orphanages and prioritize family and community based care
  3. Focus international aid on family and community strengthening initiatives
  4. Monitor international donations and raise awareness of the risks of funding orphanages

Together we can ensure our leaders take action to tackle Orphanage Trafficking and end Modern Slavery!

Joint statement on the forcible transfer, deportation, and adoption of children from Ukraine by Russia

Hopeland is deeply troubled by the impact of the war in Ukraine on children and families there. This is why we ran a campaign to raise funds for Save Ukraine who are rescuing children from the conflict and reuniting them with their families. We are pleased to have been able to rescue 353 children thanks to the generous donations of our supporters.

We are also concerned by reports that many children displaced by the war in Ukraine have been forcibly transferred to other Russia-occupied territories or deported to Russia and placed in Russian foster and adoptive families, given Russian nationality and separated permanently from their families, communities, and country.

This is why we have joined with other 30 other organizations to sign a joint statement on this issue. You can read the full statement and see a list of signatories here:

We condemn this practice and call for all children in this situation to be reunited with their families.

Rescuing Children in Ukraine

Ukrainian Children Need Your Help

The children of Ukraine have been living in a war torn environment for nearly one year. Winter is quickly approaching and there are many children and families in desperate need of rescue.

Hopeland is partnering with an incredible organization, Save Ukraine, whose volunteers are putting their lives at risk to save, and provide shelter for, children and families throughout combat zones in Ukraine. The people who are left behind now are the most vulnerable ones. They need our help.

Follow this link below to learn how a $95 donation can rescue a child in Ukraine and provide them with basic emergency supplies like a blanket, gloves, water and more.

Hopeland and Save Ukraine

Our Co-Founder Deborra-lee Furness recently met with Nikolai Kuleba, founder of Save Ukraine. Hopeland and Save Ukraine are forming a partnership to protect children, prevent family separation, and reunite separated families.

Nikolai served as Ombudsman for Children with two Presidents of Ukraine, including President Zelenskyy, from 2014 to 2021. His knowledge and experience have put him in the unique position to run Save Ukraine.

Listen to Nikolai detail what is involved in a rescue:

How Can You Help?

Your donation of $95 supports Ukrainians in two ways:

1) You support the evacuations effort in Ukraine. Rescue teams receive calls via Save Ukraine 24/7 hotlines. Every day approximately 500 people are rescued from active combat zones and taken to one of fifteen rescue hubs throughout Ukraine.

Your donation helps us provide emergency assistance to children in combat zones.

2) You provide a survival kit to a child. Children with Save Ukraine teams are given survival kits immediately after reaching a hiding point. After weeks in darkness and hazard, children can finally step out of the basements, have food and water, and start their journey to safe places.

Survival Kits include: a personal hygiene kit, nutrition bars, water and food, a coloring book and pencils, a plushie, a raincoat, and more.

You can rescue a Ukrainian child today!

Top DJ duo NERVO debut song to raise awareness of child labor and human trafficking

Ahead of World Day Against Human Trafficking, top-ranked female DJ duo NERVO have teamed up with the children’s charity Hopeland and the International Labour Organization to urge action on child vulnerability, child labor and human trafficking.

Press Release | July 26 2022

New York/Geneva (Hopeland/ILO News) – All time top-ranking DJ sisters Liv and Mim Nervo have written a new track – debuted during their main stage performance at the Tomorrowland dance music festival in Belgium – to raise awareness of child vulnerability, child labor and trafficking.

The track, composed by NERVO, for a collaboration with children’s charity Hopeland and the International Labour Organization (ILO), was debuted to coincide with World Day Against Human Trafficking on 30 July and is set to be officially released later this year.

NERVO’S performances over three weekends at Tomorrowland, will raise awareness of these pressing issues, so that more people take action to end child labour and trafficking worldwide.


After learning more about the issue through our work with Hopeland, we decided that we were going to make a record, do what we do best, to open people's eyes to such a huge global problem."

- Mim Nervo

The first thing we can do is build awareness and support the right organizations, so that we can help spur action to support families, get kids in school and end the cycle of poverty and vulnerability."

- Liv Nervo

NERVO debuting their new track at Tomorrowland as part of their campaign with Hopeland and the ILO to raise awareness of child labor and modern slavery Photo credit: Omri Silver 2022Around the world today, over 160 million children are in child labor, 79 million are in hazardous forms of work and 10 million are in modern slavery. The COVID-19 pandemic and increases in poverty have hampered efforts to reduce these numbers.

Awareness of the issues and an understanding of the action needed are so important, which is why we welcome NERVO’S passion and commitment. We know what works and that’s social protection to support families and tackle poverty, decent work and a fair wage for parents, and access to education for all children,” said Lieve Verboven, Director of the ILO Brussels Office.

Governments have committed to fight poverty and end child labour by 2025 as part of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. These commitments were restated at the Global Conference on the Elimination of Child Labour in 2022 as part of the Durban Declaration.

The numbers linked to the issue can be overwhelming, but it is a story of individual children’s lives robbed of their potential. It can however also be a story of hope. We can change families’ situations and children’s lives for the better. By supporting families, child labour and trafficking can be eliminated. Education for all children is possible. It takes action from all of us – that’s why Hopeland uses its platform to bring awareness to this cause and why NERVO’S involvement is a huge boost to our efforts,” said Nick Evans, CEO and Co-Founder of Hopeland and Deborra-lee Furness, Co-Founder of Hopeland.

NERVO will perform the track again during their last performance at this year’s Tomorrowland festival on Sunday 31 July.

For interviews and concert footage please contact:

Lauretta Hunt from Hopeland on:



Hopeland pioneers innovative solutions and builds new partnerships to prevent family separation, reunify children who are separated from their families, and mobilize a movement of families to support children who are growing up outside of family care.

The International Labour Organization is the United Nations agency for the world of work. We bring together governments, employers and workers to drive a human-centred approach to the future of work through employment creation, rights at work, social protection and social dialogue.

Supporting Children & Families in NYC

Hopeland is delighted to announce that we are supporting the Post-Permanency Support Program (PPSP) by promoting the important work Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children and New Yorkers For Children are doing to help children transition from foster care to permanent homes. 

PPSP provides essential post-adoption and guardianship services to families, improving outcomes for children and we are proud to be sharing this important work with you – especially as we mark Foster Care Awareness Month in the U.S.

The PPSP is designed to help lay the foundation for the expansion and implementation of post-adoption and guardianship programs in New York City— and in so doing improving the lives of potentially thousands of children and families in the long term whose needs are not being adequately addressed following an adoption or placement into kinship guardianship.

The services provided by the PPSP are especially needed now as state-funded post-permanency services and subsidies have been slowly diminishing over the past decade. 

“Through this project, together with our partners, we hope to help children and families exiting the foster care system by providing them with much needed and consistent support to avoid re-entry into care and ensure their stability and success,” said Kate Trambitskaya, Chief Executive Officer of Spence-Chapin.

“We are thrilled to partner with Spence-Chapin to help bring this important program to New York City. The PPSP has the opportunity to transform the child welfare landscape in NYC by elevating successful approaches to permanency which could serve as a model for additional investment in these critical services,” said Saroya Friedman-Gonzalez, Executive Director of New Yorkers For Children.

In addition to building awareness of the need for services, each year the PPSP will provide services to 100 families, both adoptive families and those participating in the  Office of Children and Family Services’ Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program. Families can access  a wide range of services, including adoption/guardianship-competent programming, trauma-informed care, peer-to-peer support groups, mentorship opportunities, a variety of workshops, and more. The program places a high emphasis on evidence-based practices that can be scaled up, allowing for the greatest impact.

“The Post Permanency Support Program (PPSP) will be an invaluable resource to families after children leave foster care through adoption or guardianship,” said Jess Dannhauser, Commissioner of the New York City Administration for Children Services.

Three qualified providers have been selected as subgrantees to operate PPSP: MercyFirst, New Alternatives for Children (NAC), and the Council on Adoptable Children (COAC). In addition to serving individual families, the PPSP will create a learning community, pool knowledge from various agencies, expand the knowledge base in the child welfare field, and build capacity among foster care agencies and other service providers.

Impact from this vital program has already been seen and we are pleased to be able to share these testimonials from just some of the recipients of services: 

“We are so excited to collaborate with New Yorkers For Children and Spence-Chapin to amplify the impact of the Post Permanency Support Program in New York City,” said Deborra-lee Furness and Nicholas Evans, Co-Founders of Hopeland. “Hopeland’s vision is for every child to have a safe, loving family. The children that have traveled the path to adoption have experienced many challenges in their short lifetime and need extra support to be able to thrive. That is why we are delighted to be a part of this groundbreaking program and believe by working together in unity with the same core mission, we can add the important support that every family needs.”

As an organization based in New York City we are always delighted to be able to support programs taking place in our city to benefit children who need a safe, loving family. Keep in touch with us for updates on this great program!

Hopeland Publishes Annual Report

Hopeland is excited to announce the publication of our first-ever annual report – giving our supporters a snapshot of all the work we have achieved together in the last year.

You can read Hopeland’s Annual Report 2021: Building a Platform for Action and Advocacy to Benefit Children Worldwide on our website now.

Hopeland’s Co-Founders Deborra-lee Furness & Nicholas Evans welcome Hopeland’s impact in their welcome letter to our Annual Report

In our Annual Report you can learn more about our groundbreaking new program in NYC. Celebrating the launch of this program, our inspirational Co-Founder Deborra-lee Furness said, “Hopeland was created to not only give a voice to young people and families but also to take action to deliver our vision of a world where every child has a safe, loving family. I’m over the moon to see Hopeland launch this innovative and exciting program to help young people in NYC thrive!”

There’s plenty more good news and achievements in the Annual Report. We formed partnerships with global public and private leaders to develop cutting edge solutions that impact thousands of vulnerable children around the world. Some of these partners include Google, UBS Optimus Foundation, UNICEF and doTERRA. Prioritizing advocacy, we achieved greater levels of awareness on key issues by engaging partners to use their platform to have a voice. This included Coldplay, Global Citizen, Orphan Myth, Minderoo Foundation, and TED.

We hope you will take the opportunity to read about these achievements and continue to support our mission to ensure every child has a safe, loving family.

We are so excited to bring you more updates and exciting achievements in 2022 – thank you so much for being such an important part of our family!

We want to give a huge thank you to our friends at Mimeo who have supported us for so long and have made our work possible. Physical copies of the report were printed by Mimeo – something we’re so appreciative for.

Hopeland Supports #ENDViolence Campaign

Hopeland is delighted to join the #ENDViolence campaign and to endorse the vital policy proposals. Together we aim to end all violence against children, worldwide.

Through the Together to #ENDviolence Leaders’ Statement, senior leaders from across sectors and continents are using the power of our collective voice to call for these game-changing policy proposals.

A message from Hopeland’s Co-Founder & CEO

We are proud to have joined more than 50 other leading names in the child’s rights movement including Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of WHO and many others in signing the Leaders’ Statement and joined hundreds of other global organizations in supporting the policy proposals shown in the image below.

In support of this effort, Hopeland’s Co-Founder & CEO, Nicholas Evans said: “Hopeland’s mission is to create a world where every child lives in a safe, loving family – this cannot happen unless we #ENDViolence and so we are proud to endorse the Leaders’ Statement and vital policy proposals. By working together we can truly make change for children!”

One billion children worldwide face violence every year and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made this worse. Almost 2 billion children have had violence protection and response services interrupted by the pandemic. Furthermore the economic impact of this crisis has caused a “perfect storm” for violence against children – something we must work together to remedy.

This is a critical moment for the world’s children. Without acting urgently we risk losing a generation of children to the long-term impacts of violence and abuse that will undermine child safety, health, learning and development long after the pandemic subsides. We cannot let that happen.

Hopeland’s mission is to support efforts that allow children to live safe lives where they can thrive – that is why we have joined this campaign.

We urge leaders in government, the private sector, and all communities with responsibility for children to seize the moment and be champions of this agenda in their countries. Our leaders must prioritize protecting children by working together to deliver six game-changing actions to end violence against children:

Ban all forms of violence against children by 2030

Equip parents and caregivers to keep children safe

Make the internet safe for children

Make schools safe, non-violent and inclusive

Protect children from violence in humanitarian settings

More investment, better spent

You can read more about each policy proposal and what the End Violence Against Children Campaign is doing to help children at the links above.

TechLink: Hopeland’s Groundbreaking Program for Youth in NYC

Today our news feeds seem like they are always full of stories of despair – the pandemic, conflict around the world, climate change, and many other pressing issues can cause a sense of dread. Hopeland, and our platform for action and advocacy, is fueled however by a desire to share messages of hope with you all.

In that spirit we are thrilled to announce our partnership with New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services and our friends at New Yorkers For Children to create an innovative program for youth in foster care in New York City.

Our program, TechLink, is one of the first ever public-private partnerships to provide coding classes, tech immersion, and career planning for older youth in foster care – a group that Hopeland is focused on helping as we deliver our mission of ensuring every child has a safe, loving family.

TechLink provides coding classes, tech immersion, and career planning for older youth in foster care

Built upon the existing Code Next program Hopeland has partnered with Google to provide youth in foster care with a unique experience that includes other career and college planning support. The initial cohort of high school students has received career path planning education, mentoring and programming that will help them develop a pathway towards a successful STEM career.

In its pilot stage TechLink was launched in January 2021 and has already proven to be a vital program that provides an incredible experience to older youth in foster care. As a result of our program our youth are more empowered and less at risk.

Hopeland is committed to improving the lives of youth in this situation here in the U.S. because, historically, teenagers in the foster care system who eventually age out having never found an adoptive family to care for them have been less likely to graduate, more likely to face homelessness during their lives, and generally more likely to face difficulties. It is our hope that by creating programs like TechLink we can change the direction of these statistics. It is so important that we do everything we can to help these young people and ensure they can thrive.

In the words of our Co-Founder, Deborra-lee Furness, “Hopeland was created to not only give a voice to young people and families but also to take action to deliver our vision of a world where every child has a safe, loving family. I’m over the moon to see Hopeland launch this innovative and exciting program to help young people in NYC thrive!”

Fortunately, even though the problems faced by some young people aging out of foster care have only gotten worse during the pandemic, our programming has made an even more significant impact on the lives of youth by ensuring that they continue to learn, stay connected and advance their aspirational goals.

Although we were unable to hold lessons in person at the program’s state of the art tech lab in the heart of NYC, TechLink has been provided virtually throughout 2021 – impacting the work the youth were able to do and the opportunities that were open to them.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TechLink has taken place virtually since its launch

In spite of the odds, and thanks to the incredible leadership of the TechLink staff, the students have performed amazingly well and delivered some incredible achievements which were displayed at the end of semester presentation. The students have coded their own websites, created YouTube videos and podcasts, and learnt so much more. We can’t wait to see what else they achieve!

Students have said it is great to see women of color in leadership roles and teachers who “look like me”. We know how important it is for young people to have role models they can look up to and how valuable this is in the impact of our program.

A new $100,000 grant allows us to expand the program and add stipends for youth participating in the program

We are also delighted to tell you that we have secured $100,000 in additional funding for the program to allow Techlink to expand in Fall of 2021 and to include a stipend for the youth who are participating. We hope this extra element of TechLink will ensure that every young person who is enrolled in the program not only benefits from the program but also gets some financial help in these difficult times.

We will be sure to share more updates with you as the program expands. TechLink is a great example of the incredible achievements that are possible when we work together with our partners to deliver for children and families around the world who need our help.

Hopeland’s focus on impact and innovation in delivering TechLink as part of our platform for action and advocacy has been key in creating this program that is benefiting youth in NYC today. If you want to learn more about our work please follow us on social media and sign up to support us at our website.

How a Game of Peek-a-Boo Could Change the World

Can a game of peek-a-boo change the world?

That was the question that an amazing 7 year old from Australia, Molly Wright, tried to find an answer to when she became one of the youngest ever people to give a TED Talk!

Molly was incredibly impressive, not just for a child, but for someone of any age! Her talk already has almost 2 million views!

She had such an important message to share and we hope you will watch the video to see what she has to say – that it is vital that every child receives the love and attention they need so that they can thrive by five!

Hopeland was delighted to support this event which was hosted at the world famous Sydney Opera House in Australia earlier this year.

The talk was directed by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Michael Gracey – the Director of The Greatest Showman!

Not only is the talk informational and inspirational but it is also a lot of fun!

Maybe you didn’t expect to hear about brain science from a 7 year old but Molly breaks down the science-backed ways that parents and caregivers can support a child’s healthy brain development. We think there can’t be much more important than making sure that every child has the ability to thrive! Thank you Molly!

Unsurprisingly Molly’s important message has made headlines around the world. Her talk has even been viewed by new mothers in Afghanistan at one of that country’s largest hospitals.

We hope Molly’s message makes a difference in the lives of children worldwide!

Created by our friends at Minderoo Foundation and supported by our partners at UNICEF this talk has had a huge impact already. We hope you will join us in spreading Molly’s vital message!

Deborra-lee Furness Talks Family and Parenting with Amanda Purvis

Deborra-lee Furness and Amanda Purvis on Zoom Call

Deborra-lee Furness Talks Family and Parenting with Amanda Purvis

Recently we have been delighted to share with you a video conversation between our incredible Co-Founder Deborra-lee Furness and Amanda Purvis who is a Training Specialist at the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University, a leading organization striving to help children suffering from the effects of early trauma, abuse and/or neglect.

Deborra-lee and Hopeland are always keen to promote organizations who are doing great work. Deborra-lee also has a special relationship with the late Karyn Purvis who founded the Institute. Whenever we are asked for resources for parents who have adopted or otherwise want to support children we recommend Karyn Purvis’ book “The Connected Parent” which provides valuable insight that we feel is helpful to those looking to learn more about how to help a child’s life.

We found Deborra-lee and Amanda’s chat to be moving, inspirational, and a call to action for anyone who wants children from all backgrounds to have the best possible upbringing. We hope you will watch the full video in two parts on our YouTube channel – it can be a great resource for any parent and especially for adoptive parents.

Amanda opens up the talk by sharing that she has always wanted to adopt, even since she was a little girl, “I used to beg my parents to adopt, I always knew since I was a little kid that I wanted to adopt,” Amanda told us and shared that on her first date with her now husband she told him “just so you know, I’m going to adopt. Is that something you’re okay with?”

Amanda also told Deborra-lee that in her entire career working with parents on a daily basis that she’s “never met a parent who doesn’t want to be a good parent. We’re all doing the best we can with what we know and in our current circumstances.” We certainly agree – with the right support it is always best for a child to be raised in a family than not.

Amanda’s work as a Training Specialist at the Karyn Purvis Institute involves practicing their attachment based, trauma informed Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). In the video below Amanda explains that TBRI is a “holistic intervention [which] means we look at the whole child, the whole family, the whole system.” Learn more in part 1 of our video:

We share Deborra-lee’s belief that TBRI has a positive impact on children and families and we too hope to see it available to every child in the U.S foster care system.

Deborra-lee also shares that the greatest lesson that Karyn Purvis, the creator of TBRI, taught her as a parent was the value of the time-in, not the time-out, because “when you think about it you’re shunning them, you’re pushing away the child who is already feeling abandoned.”

One other parenting lesson that Deborra-lee shares that she found she needed to flip on its head was that the old parenting books told you to let your baby cry. You can see this part of the discussion and much more in part two of the video below:

You’ll also see Deborra-lee and Amanda discuss the terrible toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on families across the country and the world. Amanda tells us that “we won’t truly understand the impact of this pandemic for years to come but we can only assume that kids who don’t feel safe at home and who don’t have safe homes are struggling in extreme ways.” Hopeland has worked throughout the pandemic to help and advocate for children without safe, loving families and will continue to do so.

There are positives to be taken from the pandemic though. Many of us have had more time at home and so more time with our children and families. Amanda shares that her family has two hours every night where everyone puts away their electronic devices and Deborra-lee told us she’s been having dance parties with her family! If we take any lesson from the pandemic it must be that we should prioritize family time and appreciate those around us.

At the end of their chat Deborra-lee tells Amanda “I love the work that you guys do” at the Karyn Purvis Institute. Remembering her friend Karyn Purvis, Deborra-lee said, “she had a heart as big as Texas and I said the same thing to her as she was passing. I said, you have my word, I will try to continue to spread the word about what you’re doing.”

You can learn more about the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at Texas Christian University at their website.

Hopeland Supports the Global Church Pledge

Hopeland is proud to be a founding signatory to the Global Church Pledge to see children thriving in safe and loving families, joining more than 45 other organizations who have already signed. We hope that by being a member of this vital movement we can contribute to improving the lives of children worldwide who are growing up without a family.

The Global Church Pledge says that families are the best environment for children and young people to receive the love, belonging, and protection they need to flourish. The pledge calls upon the signatories to support efforts that strengthen families, invest in family-based solutions, and combat the root causes of their vulnerability.

Hopeland’s CEO, Nick Evans, addressed a meeting of leaders of global organizations committed to ensuring every child has a safe, loving home, September 2019

This collaborative spirit of working with faith-based organizations is why we worked with our friends at Faith To Action Initiative and Home For Good in 2019 to organize a meeting on the margins of the UN General Assembly Meeting in 2019. This meeting, which brought together the leading organizations in the global movement for family care, has led directly to the publication this week of the Global Church Pledge. We believe this will be a momentous point in the effort to ensure every child has a safe, loving family.

Faith to Action have been the leading force behind the Global Church Pledge. Their Executive Director, Elli Oswald, said this about Hopeland’s involvement: “It was great to work with Hopeland on the event in New York to create a global commitment on family based care – I am so excited that Hopeland have signed the Global Church Pledge and continue to work with us.

“Many key organizations have already signed the pledge, including the Christian Alliance for Orphans, Catholic Relief Services, and World Vision. We will continue to work together to encourage the faith community to pledge to take action to support the idea of family based care and ensure every child has a safe, loving home.”

The purpose of the pledge is to say that the Global Church has a role to play in our joint mission of creating a world where every child can thrive because of the love and support that a family gives to them and that by working together we can magnify our impact.

Hopeland has joined this effort because we believe in its importance and because we know the vital role that the Global Church will play in tackling this monumental issue. Growing up outside of a family has a significant negative impact on a child’s development and when it continues for too long this developmental harm can be permanent.

Without a family a child’s physical, mental, and neurological development is cut short – making it clear why it is so important that we work together to see every child raised in a family. For too long, and still to this day, hundreds of millions of dollars are sent from the United States to orphanages around the world, much of it from churches. It is work like the Global Church Pledge that hopes to show how to better use this money to benefit the children it is supposed to help.

The Global Church Pledge is a massive step forward in this goal because it allows the many organizations working on this task to unite around a single, simple mission. It also gives additional credibility to each individual organization to show they are not alone in their belief that children should be in families and not orphanages. Finally, it has also been shown that when an organization or an individual signs a pledge that action is far more likely to lead to behavior change. It is nine times more expensive to support a child in an orphanage than in a family so by working together and pledging to make a change we can truly have a huge impact on the lives of children separated from their families.

If you want to learn more about the Global Church Pledge or if you want to sign the pledge yourself you can do so here.

Coldplay Supports Hopeland with the Song ‘Orphans’

Having been deeply impacted by the ongoing crisis in Syria, the British rock band Coldplay were prompted to write the lead single from their latest album, a song called “Orphans” which received significant praise. 

Chris Martin told the BBC at the time of the song’s release about his inspiration for writing the song that, “It seems to me that one of the things that might help people have a better time is to put themselves in other people’s shoes, whether that’s these kids who have to leave Syria, or who grew up in Baltimore, or whatever it might be. Rather than judging from afar, maybe to  think ‘I wonder what it’s like to be there.” We of course completely agree with this powerful message!

The Official Video for ‘Orphans’ by Coldplay, which features Hopeland

The music video for the track featured Hopeland in recognition of the support that Coldplay have for our mission of ensuring every child has a safe, loving home.

Coldplay supports Hopeland’s work through the song ‘Orphans’

Through our work with the band we are pleased to let you know the significant impact that their goodwill has had on our cause.

Coldplay generously donated 10% of the worldwide proceeds from the song to Hopeland and our work to benefit vulnerable children. An incredible donation that helps us continue our vital mission.

Coldplay’s original manager and “fifth member” of the band, Phil Harvey tweeted his support earlier this year saying they were “proud to support Hopeland’s life changing work with children who are separated from their families, through this song.”

You can still sing and dance along to the music video knowing that thanks in part to the generosity of Coldplay our mission and work continues.

Hopeland Supports Households At Risk of Family Separation in Kenya

2020 has been a tumultuous year for all but it has been especially so for vulnerable households living in extreme poverty. These families are those who are most at risk of separating from their children. People living in poverty were already suffering before the COVID-19 pandemic. Their situation has only worsened since.

As part of our efforts to tackle this crisis and ensure every child has a safe, loving home Hopeland is pleased to announce that in a joint fundraising effort with GiveDirectly we raised over $150,000 to fund a program which provides single female-led households in Kenya at risk of separation with direct cash payments.

This fundraising effort has had a positive impact on 606 Kenyan single female-led households. Additionally, these families have 2 or more children at home.

Families living in extreme poverty are impacted hugely by any change in financial situation. For example, losing a job due to the pandemic could make it much more likely that children end up in an orphanage than at home with their mother. This separation has a serious negative impact on that child that can last a lifetime.

Women who benefitted from the program were either part of an initiative to send cash transfers to vulnerable families that pre-existed the pandemic or they received cash directly as part of an outreach to households impacted by COVID-19.

In the main family strengthening program 284 households in the Bomet and Kilifi regions of Kenya received a payment of 55,000 KES ($503) in a lump sum. This money could be used in any way that was beneficial to the family – perhaps paying for food, housing repairs, school bills or other essential payments.

Additionally as part of a response effort to the COVID-19 pandemic another 343 Kenyan families received small payments of 3,000 KES ($28). COVID-19 lockdowns in Kenya were severe, leaving many with no source of income so this funding was desperately needed by households that were already financially vulnerable. The cash was transferred quickly and in recognition of COVID protocols. Some households received this payment more than once between May and November 2020 making a total of 812 transfers – equivalent to $22,898.

The households that were reached by these programs all had a single-female head of household, including 43% who were widowed, and 26% who were separated or divorced. 40.3% of the families had two children at home, 29.1% had three children, 15.2% had four children and 15.4% had five or more children at home to care for.

We know the extreme situation that many households in Kenya and around the world are finding themselves in. If you were vulnerable before the beginning of the pandemic there is no question that you continue to be today and that the situation is much worse. We are proud that we have been able to help these vulnerable families in this way and give them hope for the future.

Peter Pan: Hopeland Edition Published by Warbler Classics

Hopeland is delighted to announce that in partnership with the independent publishing house Warbler Press we have published the children’s classic ‘Peter Pan’ as a Hopeland Edition with an exclusive preface from our Co-Founder Deborra-lee Furness.

All proceeds from sales of the book, which includes the original text by J.M Barrie and the original illustrations by F.D Bedford, will benefit Hopeland’s mission to ensure every child has a safe, loving home.

Peter Pan has fascinated and delighted readers of all ages for more than a century and entered our collective consciousness like few other books. Like other great archetypal stories, Peter Pan addresses the eternal questions: how to avoid our greatest pain, which is mortality; how to experience life rather than look at it as a bystander; and how to connect to others and what it means to belong.

In her preface, Deborra-lee tells us that her journey to Hopeland is not unlike Peter’s to Neverland in the famous novel: “There have been many twists and turns, obstacles to overcome and hurdles to jump. I first became aware of the enormity of the issue of vulnerable, at-risk or abandoned children on my travels through Africa and Asia with the organization World Vision. I witnessed so many children who, due to war, disease, poverty or abuse, were living on the streets or in institutions, where they were not thriving. Due to the trauma of abandonment and neglect, these children are at-risk for a multitude of challenges, including mental, physical, and emotional developmental delays, which will affect their ability to feel safe in the world and be able to nurture connections with others. These children feel invisible. All of us need to feel precious, that we are loved, seen and heard. That’s what a loving family can provide.”

Deborra-lee continues to emphasize the importance of Hopeland’s mission “to prevent parent/child separation, reunite separated children with their families and mobilize a movement of families, community, and government to ensure the best possible outcomes” and concludes that “Hopeland and Peter Pan share this: hope that love can overcome loneliness, hope that families can be created, and hope that every child will be loved.”

The Hopeland Edition is available at a wide-range of booksellers – you can even purchase from your local independent bookstore. You can read more about how to order on the Warbler Classics website – we hope you’ll consider purchasing a copy for you or a family member this Holiday season!

Sarah Sze Donates Large-Scale Work to Benefit Hopeland

On December 3, Christie’s will offer Sarah Sze’s Surprise Ending, 2020 ($200,000-300,000) in its Day Sale of Post-War and Contemporary Art. Sze has donated Surprise Ending to benefit Hopeland in our work to help vulnerable at risk children who are unable to live with their families for a myriad of reasons, inclusive of poverty, mental health, war and abuse. 25 million children globally are growing up without a family, and 385 million more are at risk of separation. Hopeland works both domestically and internationally creating innovative initiatives and solutions to ensure every child lives in a permanent loving family. Hopeland’s focus is to put the issue of vulnerable children front and center on the global agenda, and especially at this time when the pandemic is putting children at risk of exploitation, gender based violence, financial hardship, social exclusion and separation from caregivers.

Sarah Sze, Surprise Ending, triptych – Oil, acrylic, acrylic polymers, ink, archival paper, aluminum, diabond, and wood, 80x100x3 in. 2020 Estimate: $200,000 – 300,000

Deborra-lee Furness, Co-Founder of Hopeland, remarked: “Understanding that the predicament of vulnerable or abandoned children is further impacted by the global pandemic must prompt us to take action. Sarah, who is an extraordinary artist and a dear friend of mine and Hugh’s, has supported Hopeland since its inception in the hope that vulnerable children can look forward to a life where they feel safe, loved and are given the opportunities to thrive. I love the intersection of art and philanthropy whereby we can make the world a better place.” 

Vivian Brodie, Specialist, Post-War and Contemporary Art, Christie’s continued: “Christie’s is thrilled to be partnering with New York based non-profit, Hopeland, and artist, Sarah Sze, to offer this monumental painting, which will benefit an extraordinary cause, which works to ensure that every child has a safe home. Sarah Sze’s donation is the first large painting by the artist to come to auction and highly sought after in the market.” 

With a medley of intricately collaged forms and a kaleidoscopic understanding of color, internationally acclaimed artist Sarah Sze demonstrates a mastery of technique and materials in the mesmerizing new painting Surprise Ending. In a vigorous return to painting in recent years, Sze has used the medium to pursue a narrative related to the shattering of time in contemporary experience. Her singular vision, which integrates everyday source imagery with highly refined aesthetic means, results in maplike landscapes that mix the spontaneous with the systematic, dislocating the viewer from any specific time or place while immersing them in a multitude of sensations. Among her countless accolades, Sze was a recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in 2005 and represented the U.S. in the 2013 Venice Biennale. During 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, she installed the spectacular large-scale permanent sculptural commission Shorter than the Day in the new Terminal 2 at LaGuardia airport in New York. 

We would like to acknowledge Gagosian’s help and generosity in facilitating this effort. 

The Power of Family

In difficult times Hopeland wants to highlight those most vulnerable in society and how to support them, but also the importance of family and supporting each other.

Hopeland’s CEO, Nicholas Evans, provides an update on our organization’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing significant disruption into our daily lives with concerns about friends and relatives, changes to our regular habits, and the uncertainty of what is happening around us.

Like many organizations in New York City and across the country Hopeland has closed its offices – but our dedicated team are continuing to work from home to move forward our campaigns and raise awareness of the importance of supporting safe, loving families.

Here in the U.S. and around the world there are many people living in extremely vulnerable situations. At times like these it is important to think about those who need our support – that might mean contacting an elderly neighbor, buying groceries for a friend who is a healthcare worker and has their kids home from school, or heeding the warnings of the authorities and staying at home unless absolutely necessary. We encourage all of our family members to think of those less fortunate than themselves at this time.

However, it is also important to remember the strength of family during a crisis. Wherever you live and whatever family means to you we can all draw strength from the love and support we give each other and the safety that comes from family. We hope that in these worrying times we can all harness the power of family.

Hopeland is continuing to function during the Coronavirus outbreak as our team works from home to promote the importance of family and to ensure that some of the most vulnerable, including children who are orphaned and abandoned or in the foster system are supported through our campaigns. We’ll be in touch with more updates soon.

Nonetheless, the health and safety of every one of our family members is the most important thing right now. If there is anything we can do to help anyone reading this please let us know by using the contact link on this website.

With love and strength from the whole Hopeland team!

– Nicholas Evans, Hopeland CEO

If you or your family have any concerns about the Coronavirus please follow the advice on the Center for Disease Control’s Website:

Hopeland Recognized for Outstanding Women’s Advocacy

On International Women’s Day, Hopeland was honored to be awarded the EPIQ Women’s Advocacy Award in recognition of our work to empower safe, loving families, and the women who play such an important role in them.

Hopeland is a proud recipient of the EPIQ Women’s Advocacy Award

The award ceremony took place as part of the New York City Bar Association’s International Law Conference on the Status of Women at the Bar Association’s Headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. The event saw influential female speakers from around the world speaking on what there was to celebrate in the fight to defend and expand women’s rights but also highlighting what more needs to be done.

Hopeland’s CEO Nick Evans (center) with board members Raegan Moya-Jones (left) and Fiona Bassett (right)

Hopeland was delighted to be included amongst some incredible winners, from fighters for justice for Yazidi women to those making waves in the boardroom and the United Nations! We were moved by their stories of injustice, and inspired by their fight to change the world.

As part of the conference, Hopeland’s newest Board Member Fiona Bassett spoke about the gender economics separating women from their children and Hopeland’s work to tackle this. Fiona is a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank’s subsidiary DWS and is widely recognized for her leadership and innovation in the financial services industry receiving acclaim from American Banker, the Institute of International Finance, Mutual Fund Industry and Crain’s New York Business.

Addressing the room, Fiona said “Hopeland is seeking to effect change through policy, through advocacy, and through campaigns that focus on mobilizing a movement to support the most vulnerable to family separation, to deliver better futures to people, and drive long term equality and opportunity”.

Fiona Bassett addresses the NYC Bar Association on Hopeland’s work

Hopeland’s number one policy goal is to prevent family separation. This forum, which focused on the progress of women internationally, was a particularly significant one at which to discuss this issue because if we improve the lives of women worldwide we also can reduce family separation.

Extreme poverty is the major factor in causing family separation and the World Bank tells us it is one that affects women and girls disproportionately. For every 100 boys in extreme poverty there are 105 girls and, extraordinarily, in the key childbearing age cohort of 25-34 there are 122 women in extreme poverty for every 100 men.

Additionally, female-headed single parent families are more likely to be vulnerable to family separation – in Indonesia for example 75% of single-headed families are female-led and those families are three times more likely to live in poverty.

This fact and the high prevalence of family separation (up to 500,000 children are growing up apart from their families) is why Hopeland’s global work is currently focused on Indonesia.

Hopeland and our partners are developing a landmark intervention to evaluate the impact of community support and economic empowerment tools as a cost-effective solution to address the drivers of family separation, and improve the overall wellbeing of at-risk children and families, with a special focus on households living in poverty.

Fiona discussed this work at the conference and encouraged support for it. The initiative is incredibly important because it aims to support some of the most vulnerable families in Indonesia whilst also developing vital data to change the way the world cares for families vulnerable to separation. If successful our first of its kind project can disrupt a centuries old funding model that supports orphanages and other institutions.

For too long international development and philanthropic efforts have promoted efforts that too often hurt not help vulnerable children – Hopeland is working to change that and so we were proud to be involved in such an important event and to have the opportunity to spread the message of our work.

Hopeland’s CEO Speaks at the European Parliament

Hopeland’s CEO & Co-Founder, Nick Evans, recently had the honor of being invited to address the European Parliament on foster care and adoption policy in the digital age. He was joined by Thea Ramirez from Adoption Share who spoke about her organization’s ‘Family Match’ program which uses technology to make it easier for loving families to adopt or foster children whilst increasing placement stability and better outcomes for everyone.  

Hopeland’s CEO Addressing the European Parliament

The invitation to speak came from Emma McClarkin MEP who has represented the UK’s East Midlands constituency in the European Parliament since 2009. She is a member of both the Parliament’s International Trade Committee and the European Parliament’s delegation to the United States. She has been a committed supporter of protecting children, including by campaigning on tackling the online exploitation and by hosting this event – which was the first ever event at the European Parliament to discuss adoption policy.

McClarkin’s event, which was a forum to discuss how technology can facilitate connections in adoption policy in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, was attended by numerous Members of the European Parliament (MEP). These included Syed Kamall MEP (UK), Daniel Dalton MEP (UK), Baroness Nosheena Mobarik MEP (UK), Ulrike Trebesius MEP (Germany), Bernd Koelmel MEP (Germany), and Sean Kelly MEP (Ireland). Commenting on Twitter after the event, Kelly said that the speeches had highlighted “the importance of good childhood experiences and family life.”

As part of the event Evans and Ramirez gave a presentation entitled ‘Pioneering innovation for foster care and adoption: How big data and technology can drive better outcomes for children and families.

Nick Evans Arriving in Brussels

Evans used this opportunity to highlight impactful data about children separated from families – for example there are 25 million children globally who are separated from their families but a staggering 385 million more at risk due to extreme poverty. Further, it is a fact that more than 80% of children separated from their families have living parents and it is eight times more expensive to raise a child in an orphanage as opposed to a family. This ‘big data’ shows us that there is huge potential to relocate resources away from damaging orphanages and towards family based care – whether this is family reunification, adoption, or foster care.

Speaking after the event, Evans said, “It was a privilege to be able to address the European Parliament on this important issue. We have seen significant success around the world on supporting children separated from families, for example with the passage of the Modern Slavery Act in Australia. I call on the European Parliament to take action themselves to support family strengthening programs like those I spoke about today and ensure that every child has a safe, loving family.”

Hopeland Partners with Paramount Pictures

Hopeland is excited to announce that it has been working with Paramount Pictures to promote awareness of issues related to foster care, adoption, and reunification in the USA following the release of their new movie, Instant Family.

The movie is directed by Sean Anders and stars Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne and was inspired by the true story of Sean and his wife Beth’s journey of adopting three children and the trials and joys that came with it.

In conjunction with Paramount Pictures, Adoption Share, and MDC Productions, Hopeland hosted a screening of the movie in NYC followed by a Q&A with Sean and Beth Anders, Hopeland’s Co-Founders Deborra-lee Furness and Nick Evans, and Adoption Share’s Thea Ramirez.

Left to Right: Hopeland’s Co-Founders Nick Evans & Deborra-lee Furness; Sean & Beth Anders; and Adoption Share’s Founder Thea Ramirez

As well as being a hilarious comedy the movie tackles difficult issues such as the trauma children experience as they move from foster home to foster home, the damaging effects that substance misuse has on families, the fear and rejection that children experience, and the difficult decisions courts have to make as they decide outcomes for children.

After the screening, Nick Evans said, “The movie powerfully tackles the subjects of foster care, reunification, adoption, parenthood, and what it means to be a family. I have not laughed and cried so much in a while!”

If you want to learn more about the making of the movie you can watch a featurette about Instant Family here:

New Campaign Launches at Hopeland’s Premiere Annual Gala

A fantastic evening was had by all at Hopeland’s Premiere Annual Gala. The fabulous event space at 10 Hudson Yards was packed with some of the biggest names in New York City who joined us to celebrate Hopeland’s successes and future.

The highlight of the night was the official launch of Hopeland’s groundbreaking partnership with fellow non-profit GiveDirectly who are one of the leading names in direct cash transfers. Hopeland’s Co-Founder Deborra-lee Furness was proud to make the announcement to the filled-to-capacity room.

Our partnership with GiveDirectly is a campaign to test whether direct cash transfers can reduce family separation and as a result help to prevent children from being placed in orphanages, trafficked, or forced to live on the streets.

We have created a short highlights video of the evening which you can see below:

It was a very successful launch that raised a lot of money for the campaign as well as raising awareness and publicity for our campaign. We were even mentioned by Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today Show the next morning!

Hopeland’s cause is to find better ways to keep children in families. The evidence in favor of direct cash transfers as an effective poverty reduction tool is overwhelming which is why we are working on this campaign. The mothers in Kenya who will be impacted by this program typically live on just 70 cents a day – we believe that if we can empower women with direct cash transfers that could more than double their income then we can prevent family separation and all the terrible things like trafficking, abuse, and homelessness that come with it.

Please follow this link to learn more about our global work, share Hopeland’s story, and get involved.

All Children Count, But Not All Children are Counted

All Children Count Campaign Update:

Hopeland’s first campaign, All Children Count, was launched at the Global Citizen festival in New York City in September 2016 and has already shown our scope to shake up the status quo and find better ways to keep children in families.

As you can see here, Children without family care experience deficits in physical growth, cognitive function, neurodevelopment and social-psychological health. These children are the most vulnerable but many of them are outside of households, living in orphanages, trafficked or on the streets. They are invisible. Because they are not in a household, they were not being counted by the UN and did not have equal right when it comes to delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.

That is why we partnered with like-minded advocacy organizations, such as Lumos, to campaign for the UN to change the way they approach monitoring the SDGs. Our launch at the Global Citizen festival reached an audience of over 166 million people via broadcasts on MSNBC and other channels in addition to press and media coverage. The hugely successful #AllChildrenCount also promoted this issue around the world and straight to the front door of the UN.

We were delighted to see that the Secretary General of the UN has acknowledged this issue and that in his 2017 progress report on the SDGs he called for an increase in funding to developing countries for statistical collection. The proposed increase to $1billion annually would make a huge difference in making sure All Children Count.

Hopeland and its partners are continuing to monitor the UN as the SDGs progress to ensure that the most vulnerable children in the world are accounted for and get the support they need. You can learn more about our global work and share Hopeland’s story here.

Children separated from their families are another type of Refugee and Hopeland is deeply committed to working in any way that will improve their lives and ensure they are not forgotten by the global community. We all depend on people in our lives just as vulnerable children around the world depend on us. This dependence is what makes us uniquely human – Hopeland is very proud of its Declaration of Dependence which you can read more about below.

Declaration of Dependence

Independence is an idea that is celebrated throughout the world. Less often do we stop to recognize the importance of dependence and yet dependence is a huge part of what makes us uniquely human.


Read the hundreds of declarations from supporters around the globe:

Every child has the right to Live, and to do so with a permanent family –Simone Ray
Every child has the right to have an education –Lauren Connery
Children of the world need access to safe, secure and loving families to support future global development. –Dean Paterson
I depend on Myself, integrity & humanity –Brandy Brinchett
I depend on my mom for her support and strength –Abantika Ghosh
Every child has the right to an upbringing full of love, support and opportunities to be the best they can be. –Miranda
I depend on my mom for her loving kindness –Oyindamola
Every child has the right to life, education –Tot
I depend on my mumma for education –Usha
Every child has the right to education and good life –henry kachenjela
Every child has the right to a childhood –Jody Hoban
I depend on my grandma –musa batouski
Every child has the right to a chance to make a difference in the world they live in! –Brian MacDonald
Every child has the right to be loved, taken care of and protected. –Claudia
Children of the world need peace –Sara
Every child has the right to helping kids and mothers –Marika newman
Every child has the right to helping kids and mothers –Marika newman
Children of the world need Love, Support, Guidance, Peace, Teaching and SAFETY! –Barbara
Children of the world needpeople in their lives who love and support them –Stacey Bruno
Every child has the right to avoid sibling abuse –Alice Tuasaga
Every child has the right to love, safety & nurturing –Deborah Brook
I depend on on love –kali may
Every child has the right to a safe, loving and joyful environment –CLAIRE
I depend on my family & friends for loving kindness and compassion –Melinda Rooke
Every child has the right to I love my children –Omoro daniel
Without family is without everything –mary
I depend on other humans to revitalize one another through love and kindness. –Joshua Soto
Every child has the right to a loving care family –Patricia Vallejo
I depend on all the kind and loving people in this world –amanda obregon
I depend on The world –Naneya
I depend on Exercise for my strength and happiness. –Hazel
I depend on My parents for their love and support –Megan wood
I depend onmy mom and dad for love –Cadeja Goodridge
I depend on My parents to put my pieces back together when I’m hurt –Caitlyn
I depend on My friends –Christina
I depend on My parents for the love they give to me and their kindness –Rebecca placucci
I depend on Myself to give hope and be kind –Samantha
Every child has the right to Be loved for exactly who they are –Heather Mcdowell
I depend on my parents for loving and supporting me –Joyce Matos
I depend on My mother and father for support and guidance –Angelo Ponte
Every child has the right to live in a world where they are loved. –Levon Dimmick
Without family a society cannot succeed. –Kwame Younge
Every child has the right to my idol because shes a very loving person–Emily Hall
Without family you lose links to the past and bridges to the future. They’re keys to paradise. –Ron Quigley
I depend on My wife for her support and friendship –Joseph J Geraci
I depend on family for their love –Marcia Firesten
I depend on human kindness and support –Christine Leupold
Children of the world need love! –Amy Acosta
Every child has the right to a loving family and education –David Meir-levi
Every child has the right to a happy childhood –Kim Scalzo
Without family love your family it may be all you have –Daniel Preziosi
Children of the world need a loving family! –Wes Ripley
Without family I’d be lost –Robin Leous
Every child has the right to education –Regina Marrow
Children of the world needhappiness and education –Kevin Guevara
Children of the world need more love –Irivette Reich
Children of the world need a stable home –John Demetrio
Every child has the right to A sense of belonging and community –Kathy Mindish
Every child has the right to be happy –Eric Burkholder
Children of the world need love –Juan Roman
I depend on my family –Jaimie Ortiz
Every child has the right to a loving family –Sten Winborg
Children of the world need peace –Gail Schnell
Children of the world needclean water –Nick Frazier
Children of the world need more love –David Elwood
Children of the world need education –Watson Gomes
Children of the world need education –Kayoko Tsujimoto
I depend on my sister and friends –Mervett Eltohamy
I depend on my son –Mikey Howe
Every child has the right to eat –Bella Garra
Children of the world need to eat –Josh Smith
Children of the world need love –Ericka Rodriguez
I depend on my parents to help and support me through everything in life –Caitlin Simone
Every child has the right to a loving and supportive family –Maureen Eltohamy
Children of the world need love –Ashley James
Every child has the right to a family –James Nugent
Children of the world need to have a reason to smile everyday –Andrew Wilson
Every child has the right to have someone who is utterly in love with them –Lauren Conroy
Children of the world need confidence and inspiration –Casandra Perez
I depend on cookies–David Pacheco
Every child has the right to be happy –Markquice Braxton
Every child has the right to A happy life –Nick Alfonzetti
Children of the world need love –Brittany Mearns
Every child has the right to equal opportunities –Krystal Mearns
Every child has the right to a happy and healthy life –Rick Soedler
Every child has the right to eat and have a SAFE HOME ENVIRONMENT –Nanette Wallace
Every child has the right to a loving home –Marguerite Rozier
Every child has the right to a safe and happy childhood –Stephanie Gruenberg
Children of the world need a loving family –Dave Nacianceno
I depend on my family –Lauren Davis
Every child has the right to food, shelter and a loving caretaker –Darren D’Achille
I depend on my family –Caleb Bruchez
Without family I would be alone –Chris Pagano
Every child has the right to a safe environment to grow up in –Hillary Blazer-Doyle
Every child has the right to have a loving family –Kenia Diaz
Every child has the right to education –Ed Rojas
Children of the world need the teaching of Jesus –Jeff Zavatsky
Every child has the right to a good education –Nicholas Vucci
Children of the world need a safe place to live –Daniel Chao
Every child has the right to security –Sara Pepitone
Children of the world need more love and a chance to be happy –Jake McCormack
I depend on food –Richard Vook
I depend on My older brothers for their security and love. –Christy Morales
I depend on my family to provide a roof over my head –Delong
I depend on My Friends and sister. –Michael Watson
I depend on my ethos to guide me to do what’s right –Ilana Kukoff
I depend on Love and Kindness –Diana Picasso
I depend on My family and friends for their love and care –Kerry Armstrong
I depend on My daughter for daily cuddles –Zoe Bingley-Pullin
Children of the world need love, support, kindness and family –Sophia Blanche Schrager
Every child has the right toHave a loving and caring family. –Alexi W.
Every child has the right to A family who will love, protect, and care for them –Veronica Green
I depend onMy spouse and children for unconditional love. –Tom DiFilipo
Every child has the right to be loved and accepted. –Barbara Behen
Children of the world need elena –ezequiel
Every child has the right to To be nurtured and loved –Rhianna Commens
I depend on my family to always love and support my decisions –Serena Aimen
I depend on my family to give me strength and courage and unconditional love. –Lizzy Smiddy
I depend on my family for safety, security and warm hugs. Every child deserves that feeling, too. –Stephanie Martinez-Ruckman
Every child has the right to support and education –Catherine M. Williams
Every child has the right to Support and safety from a family giving them unconditional love –Ally Shelton
Every child has the right to a loving, safe and permanent home environment –Joanne O’Reilly
Every child has the right to belong. –Joanne Shears
Children of the world need A Family of their own. –Becky Schmerbauch
Every child has the right to to a safe loving home for life –Cassandra Purdon
Every child has the right to Be LOVED and be SAFE and suceed in LIFE!!! –Alice Cole
Every child has the right to Joy –Sarah Higgiston
Every child has the right to be loved to the moon and back –Carla Pace
Every child has the right to have love,care and support –Robyn
I depend on My mom and dad! –Kyle Young
Every child has the right to Family –Jacqueline Baumer
Children of the world need To know that they are loved. –Chrissy Chen
Every child has the right to Be loved –Chanda Stevick Herinckx
Every child has the right tohope, health, education, and the path to get them. –Jude jones
Every child has the right to wake up feeling loved. –Stephanie Short
Children of the world need Love and security –Sarah
Without family Beatriz –Yesenia
Children of the world need love and guidance –Mayra I. Alvarez
Children of the world need Access to water and education –James donoghue
Children of the world need Better education more discipline and schooling that teaches more about real life situations –Danny
I depend on Myself –Danny
Every child has the right to Family –Dani
Without family I would be really sad –Carol gaitanis
Children of the world need Living arms, clean air, clean water, food, education–Sirgia Sanchez
Every child has the right to Education!!! –Ana Angelica
Every child has the right to Be embraced by a family –Ann Feeley
Every child has the right to Education and a family –Andrea
Without family I love my family –Romy m
Every child has the right to Love health and education –Pablo quinteta
Every child has the right to Study –Veronica conti
I depend on Love –Guillermo Lorenzo
I depend on Family –Delna
I depend on My mom for always listening. –Lisa Miceli
I depend on My parents to keep my sanity –Nick Let Sante
Every child has the right to Vote! –Max Slowski
Every child has the right to Family –Joe thaw
I depend on My family for support physically and mentally –Michelle Barrett
Every child has the right to Love and food and shelter and family –John bonelli
I depend on My family –ariona beninato
I depend on My family –Jalonn beadle
I depend on My parents –Dani M
Every child has the right to have a family, place to live, and resources. –Thais lopez
Every child has the right to grow up with out fear of persecution, –Shahzad Gill
I depend on My daughter’s love and support –Suzanne bowman
Every child has the right to Clean water, food, housing. –Gabriela Knox
Every child has the right to I depend on grandma –Jerrick feagin
Every child has the right to Be loved & protected –Manuela Reynaga
I depend on My mom for my soul and my dad for my time on earth. –Leo
I depend on My family –Finn
Every child has the right to Love –Rebecca
Every child has the right to A loving family –Thomas Zachar
Children of the world need Love –Marshall l matthews
Children of the world need the encouragement of a loving embrace –Bay Hudner
Every child has the right tolove –Bailey Smith
I depend on Friends and clients –Donna Tonyan
Children of the world need Loving people surrounding them –Sonia stuebe
I depend on My parents for taking care of me –Athena
I depend on My family because they are great romodels –Finley Conlon
I depend on my family to see me through tough times! –Thomasena Baird
Every child has the right toDream big and chase their dreams –Jamal bucknor
I depend on My family to keep me grounded and for unconditional love. –Tzadi Elliston
I depend onMy parents –Vanessa
Without family Love –Calvin
Every child has the right to Education, food, water, safety, and love –Laura vorbach
Every child has the right to A loving family that is able to support them –Gabrielle Poliak
Every child has the right to A voice –Dane boog
Children of the world need To BELONG, –Raya Cupler
Children of the world need someone to love and advocate for them. –Sophie
Every child has the right to Be loved –Giulia leone
Every child has the right to a childhood free from Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation, Child Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Verbal) and Neglect –Donna Ebner
Every child has the right to Happiness –Matthew Brown
Children of the world need A mom to hug and kiss them good night –Ntokozo
Every child has the right to Education –Barbara Aranda
Every child has the right toEducation, A LOVING HOME, nutritious food, safety and healthcare –Samantha
Children of the world need Supportive families and strong communities –Emily
Every child has the right to Has the right to be loved –Hannah
Every child has the right to love and be themselves –Jessica
Children of the world need And deserve it. How about if it would be your kids?–Marvin Sanchez
Every child has the right to Rape free life –Dr uzma gul
Every child has the right to A safe home love and laughter –Jackie Mendolia
Every child has the right to Quality Education and health facilities and family–Poonam Ghimire
I depend on My mother and loving kindns –Amy
Every child has the right to A loving family –Kayla Sheridan
Children of the world need Good education,medical,love,security,AND ROLE MODEL, HAPPINESS –Douglas Stanny
I depend on My family and friends for caring –Carol Shirk
I depend on my mom for her wisdom and her laughter –anita brown
Children of the world need Education –Islam Abdelhamid
I depend on my doctor for knowing the pain I’m suffering with –Marcella Respini
Every child has the right to Grow up with a family –Sara
Every child has the right to A family and love –Allison field
I depend on My family –Sonika Kumar
Every child has the right to love, care, and education –Kathryn Gallo
I depend on My mom for her loving kindness. –Salvatore
Every child has the right to be loved, get food, get water –Leysen
I depend on No borders! Healthcare for the whole world! Food for the whole world! No more war! –VICTORIA SEIFERT
Children of the world need hope, love, guidance, and freedom –Sean Brower
Every child has the right to Food , water, shelter and a safe home and clothes and to feel loved . –Elyzabeth Tate
Every child has the right to Education –Hannah
Every child has the right to Live and be loved –Rob Anderson
Every child has the right to Free and safe education –Gina detres
Every child has the right to Live and be loved –Rob Anderson
Every child has the right to A family –Dayanara Salazar
Every child has the right toAn education and a safe place –Hannah terrapin
I depend on olivia state –Olivia Satti
Children of the world need Children need love –Yanileidy
I depend on My sister for support –Viv chen
Children of the world need My mom for her love. –Evy
I depend on Humanity –Adriana
Every child has the right to A loving family –Beth Captan
I depend on My husband. –Rebekah Berman
Children of the world need Love kindness n understanding –Doreen Orist
Every child has the right to a loving family to support them –james smith
I depend on God for unconditional love –Ronda Downey
Children of the world need Good education,medical,love,security,AND ROLL MODEL. HAPPINESS –Douglas Stanny
Every child has the right to love and security – physical safety, food security, an environment to develop self-respect. –Donna Lehman
I depend on My parents and all the ways they help me grow –Matthew mcwade
I depend on My mom for meatballs e –Stephanie hansen
I depend on The love from my 11 yr old son, as well as my parents & brother! –Lyn Gautier
Children of the world need My daugter for her psych support –Peter Skuce
Every child has the right to food, security, human rights, and education –james dockery
Every child has the right to Love, education and safety –Clifford
Every child has the right to Feel safe –Lindsay
Every child has the right to life liberty and the prosuite of happiness –Abdul-MuBDi
I depend on My family and friends –Ali Pruitt
Every child has the right toHave a family and food and water –Peter magee
Without family i would be nothing –Abigail Troike
Children of the world need Love and protection –Marta
I depend on My beloved family –Erzhena
Every child has the right toHave a loving family that area –Mindy brezak
Every child has the right tofamily and love and water and food and and and and –raquel marta
I depend on My parents for their endless love & support –Gissou Nia
I depend on My family and friends –Anna
I depend on my family –gotta era
Every child has the right to A home –Miranda Oshea
I depend on my mom for her loving kindness –jennifrer calabrese
I depend on My mom, my sisters, and brother for their warmth. –Sophie
I depend on My mom for everything –Guillermo mercado
I depend on my mom for advice –katherin
Without family theres no love –ashley
Every child has the right to A loving caring mom –AnneMarie Byrnes
Every child has the right to HaviNg home –Kestutis Kazlauskas
Every child has the right to Safe and happy home –Sam Bernstein
I depend on My daddy –Katrina
I depend on Mom –Nicole gurses
I depend on Mom –Mark hedges
Every child has the right to Safety, an education and love –Dawn Schmitz
Children of the world need Hope –Danielle
I depend on My family –Gianna Urgola
I depend on My girlfriend–Corey Towell
I depend on My loving brothers and sisters… –Wilfredo escobar
I depend on My family for their love! –Iris Reyes
I depend on My mom –Kaitlyn antherton
Children of the world need Love –Brenda Monks
Children of the world need Loveeeeee –Sherise powell
I depend on Mom –Sylvia
Every child has the right to Love –Andy
I depend on Fam –Andrew minchuk
I depend on People to carry light for people that are different –Jordan
I depend on My family –Jackie nelson
I depend on My friends –Jordan Nelson
Children of the world need A loving family –Joanna Walska
Children of the world need Their family for support. –Alex Slavtchev
I depend on Beer –Artem mulin
Every child has the right to Love, education and opportunity –Stephanie
I depend on My dope ass wife –Jeffrey
Every child has the right to Loving home –Sophia kim
Every child has the right tofreedom of religion, rights, and safety –Johanes Bayu Sembiring
I depend onFamily for love and support –Mitch Ugwuezi
Every child has the right to Get free education. –Cha
I depend on The faith that ” I belong ” –Bhawana Bhandaru
I depend on my mom for her loving kindness –Barış Bayram
I depend on My friends obviously –Joe Celestin
I depend on Daddy –Nora jefferies
Children of the world need a future, education, food, shelter, family, love, hope, dreams, a chance, role models, opportunities, better –Matt
I depend on Franklin dog –Abielis Alvarado
Children of the world need Love –Samantha chenet
I depend on The support of my family to build a strong foundation. –Glenda Parrilla
I depend on My family for support. –Alex Bauer
Every child has the right to To be happy & smile every day –Nina De Pasquale
Children of the world need A safe place and some love –Majda
Children of the world need Safe homes!!! –Julie grden
Every child has the right to Education –Dean
I depend on My family for all the loving and support the give –Viviana
Children of the world need To know how much they matter –Nia Dawson
Every child has the right to A good education –Khalid sena
Every child has the right to To play sports –Heeten
Children of the world need Someone to depend on. –Mitesh Kapadia
I depend on Myself–Logan M
Children of the world need Someone to wipe the tears on a bad day… –Sonaly
I depend on My girl and our dog. –Burton Lomax
Every child has the right to Love –Jamie melvin
I depend on My family for support –Holly Curtis
Every child has the right to Live life to the fullest –John
I depend on My mom for her loving kindness –Victor Gubian
Children of the world need Education –Hiral Patel
I depend on my family for wellness, state of mind –Paul Abraham
I depend on My mom –Teresa Parziale
I depend on My mom –Ronna Margalit
Every child has the right to Happiness –Ariel portnoy
Every child has the right to A loving home –Kyra Richards
I depend on My parents!! –Agustina
I depend on my dad for his hard work –Jose Romani
I depend on My mom for her love –Katie Hutton
Every child has the right to education. –Richard Berger
I depend on My mom for being my best friend –Hannah
I depend on My mom –Neha
Every child has the right to A guardian and guidance –Emely vargas
Every child has the right toA beautiful life –Ashley vega
I depend on My parents –Asmaa amadou
Every child has the right to Opportunities to better their future. –Danielle Raynor
Children of the world need Love –Maria omana
I depend on My family and friends –Andres
I depend on My parents for shelter –Patrick
I depend on My mom –Kevin Early
Children of the world need equal opportunity –Alex Mears
I depend on My mom for her love –Diana cheung
Children of the world need Love –Daniel
Children of the world need A good education and family –Callan angrisani
Every child has the right to a permanent family –Linda Robak
Every child has the right to To have a loving family –Lange
Children of the world need A comprehensive education –Oliver yang
Children of the world need A home –Maitland
I depend on my dad to teach me my value. –Wesley Curtis
Children of the world need Love –Kristin
Every child has the right to Happiness –Stewart
I depend on My mom and dad and siblings –Mona Aossey
Children of the world need My mom for her uniqueness –Victoria
Every child has the right to Be loved unconditionally always. –Ashleigh Davenport
Children of the world need to be loved and to be cared for –Leslie Byrne
Without family means not being able to smile for family photos. –David Reynaga
Without family We are Nobody –Sofia
Children of the world need Yes –Anelhy melgoza
Children of the world need love. –Andrew Young
Every child has the right to be nurtured –Brendan Murphy
Every child has the right to the fundamental amenities –Nidhi
Every child has the right to love, shelter, food, and an education –jennifer staebell
Children of the world need Families –Kyle Young
Children of the world need as much love and caring as possible! –Cristina Pinol
I depend on Myself and my soul sister Kim –Mandy Brady
I depend on my family for their loving support and guidance. –Anna Orshansky
Without family Society and our communities will fall apart. –Bryce
Every child has the right to know a loved one will always be there for them –Scott Schreibstein
Every child has the right to grow and flourish in a safe loving environment –Cheryl P Vosper
Children of the world needSomeone to love & hold them when they cry –Deborah Knight
Every child has the right to peace, health, happiness ,unconditional love and care –Amanda Turner
Every child has the right to Live life to their full potential and to be loved. –Colleen Perez
Without family every person is an orphan. –Steven Weber
I depend on my family and friends for unconditional love and support –Molly Sackett
Every child has the right to a loving environment to grow up in –Cecile Terrana
I depend on my family for being there no matter what the circumstances. –Cassandra Elahrag
Every child has the right tohave a family and be LOVED! –Monique Leahy
Every child has the right toguardians to fall back on when the world gets tough. –Bryan Boodhoo
Without family we wouldn’t be the people we are today. –Nikki Musumeci
I depend on my sweet family to remind me what is truly important. –Sarah Hall
I depend on love and support from my family! –Ciara M Beggan
Every child has the right to have a loving family and home. –guirlene Auguste
Children of the world need is our tommorow. family, love and kindness will give them a head start. –guirlene Auguste
I depend on my entire family for support. –Vashti Barran
Children of the world need support and the right guidance –Lisa McCormick
Every child has the right to to grow in a loving household and surrounded by family –Riyad Deen
Every child has the right to grow and be nurtured by a loving home –Robin Tomas
Every child has the right to feel loved and supported –Danielle Beale
I depend on My family + fiance for love & support –Lauren Ringer
I depend on my mom –Maribel Ortega
I depend on my family for their love and support –Kieuna Harris
Every child has the right to feel like there is nothing that they cannot do. –Kristin Sterling
Every child has the right to feel loved –Andrea Veiga
Every child has the right to know the comfort of love and the nurturing of a family unit. –Kerry Brooks
Every child has the right to be loved, encouraged, supported and appreciated –Victoria Vallas
I depend on creativity to keep me motivated in life. –Emily Harrison
Every child has the right to a loving and supportive family. –Alexandra Wyshosky
I depend on my mom for her loving kindness –Jehovany Cruz
Every child has the right to Grow up with a safe and loving launchpad to adulthood –Dan Stierley
Every child has the right to grow and be loved –SK Park
Every child has the right to have a loving support system –Lizz Rindner
I depend on myself to be strong and wise. –Meisha Brown
Every child has the right to a relationship full of love from day one –Emily McCormack
I depend on Mi guajiro the love of my life –Virginia
Every child has the right to Have a good home and Family for support. –Luis Santin
Every child has the right to feel loved –Drew Kelly
Children of the world need love, protection, education and support –Shaquana Johnson
Every child has the right to be happy –Linda
Children of the world need to be loved –Pauline Lula
Children of the world needcreativity and imagination –ace suarez
Every child has the right to a family connection –Susan Sabatino
Every child has the right to love, care, freedom to be a child and family happiness –Sanja Bogunovic
Every child has the right to be loved –Felipe Polo Ruiz
I depend on My husband for his love, kindness and unwavering optimism. Love you babe! –Melissa Desmond
I depend on my wife for her loving kindness <3 xxx –Daryl Smith
Every child has the right to loving family –melissa cross
Every child has the right to be loved and cared for –sophie
I depend on my mum for having me and her love –Virginia
Every child has the right to a happy loving home –justin quirk
Every child has the right to Love, Shelter, Family, Nourishment, Education –amanda burrett
Without family life is much harder than others. –Aki Muto
Every child has the right to feel loved and needed. –Kenya Wilson
Children of the world need to know that they are not alone –Craig Berger
Every child has the right to live in a loving home. –dawn labrake
Every child has the right to Love and care –Patti Ferraro
I depend on my friends to keep me informed. –Lynne Elliott
I depend on my myself; –Grace E. Bileta
I depend on planet earth for food and air. –Denise Bartlett
I depend on my friends for love and support. –Marva Barnett
I depend on My mom for loving –Marincsák Lászlóné
Every child has the right to Safety, hope and education.–Carl Kowaleski
Every child has the right to education,health care and a place to call home!! –Shane Day
Every child has the right to Love, safety, health, education, innocence, peace, freedom, dreams, choice, life, future –Georgia
Every child has the right to to a safe home environment –Olive Knight
Every child has the right to Feel safe, loved and have the opportunity to reach their potential. –Bonnie Jones Davies
Every child has the right toFeel safe, loved and have someone to turn to when they need help –Jane Wilson
Every child has the right to Education –Kim smith
Every child has the right to Live a joyous life filled with endless possibilities. –Sheree Carter
Every child has the right to Have a love full family –Veronica Gaytán
I depend on My Lord and Savior to give me peace –Joyce Nelson
Children of the world need shelter, food and love without asking –Elena
Children of the world need Support and love –Llewellyn Clark
I depend on My family for their love and for empowering be to be me –Tracey lane
I depend on My family for my everything –Victoria Buchan
Every child has the right to love, safety, and freedom –Tracy Feeney
I depend on My mother, for though she lost me when I was but a child..we have been –Jamie Girard
Every child has the right to love, hope, faith, dreams, peace and a future. –Craig Griffin
Children of the world need to be given equal care and support in the society. –Karthik Nair
Children of the world need Abundance of love and good care for freedom to discover Who they are and Be –Martineau Lucy
Every child has the right to live in an environment that is safe and secure. –Alberta Elias
I depend on My son’s for their loving smiles and encouragement! –Shari Weller
I depend on my husband –Jan Sandoval
Children of the world needpeople that puts their needs first –anne marie
I depend on My son’s loving smiles my husband’s patience and the love of my family –Roslyn Shields
Every child has the right to Love and protection. –Marcy Mellors
Every child has the right to Be Loved Everyday. –Irene
Every child has the right to a family where love, nurturing and dependence are part of the foundation –Suzanne Jenkins
Children of the world need love –Renee Bello
Every child has the right to A loving safe childhood,and a complete education to equip them for life –Lynne Burke
Children of the world need To be able to depend on the world –Sandra Storm
Every child has the right to Be loved and know what a caring loving family is –Donovan Dagenhart
Every child has the right to Be loved and know what a caring loving family is –Donovan Dagenhart
Every child has the right to be valued. –Nancy Emerson
Every child has the right to to live with a happy,strong with full of love and caring with her/his responsible parents….. –Bhene Amorous
Without family I will not be here –Eden Reynolds
Every child has the right to to be valued, respected and loved.–Catherine
Children of the world need Love , safety –Esther Triviño
Every child has the right to to be loved. cared for and education –Audrey Herriot
Every child has the right to A safe environment and a loving family –Belinda White
Every child has the right to I am working with West African youth! –Lindsay Short
Every child has the right to a loving and safe home –CHERYL BENNETT
Every child has the right to Feel safe , loved and never go hungry –Trish Ostigh
Every child has the right to Be given a chance. –Amy John
Children of the world need a family to become people of tomorrow –Sandeep Gadarla
Every child has the right to access love, stability and education. Governments should not stand in the way of hope. –Fiona & Warwick Foster
Every child has the right to Love and Respect –Veronica
Without family we are ships without safe harbour. –Rob Ambrose
Every child has the right tofeel safe, loved, well fed, happy, hopeful and at peace. –Jeannie McAlpin
Every child has the right to Look to someone for love and guidance and understanding. To know they will be cherished –Molly Bryant
I depend onthe love and friendship of my wife. –Nick Ingram
I depend on My husband for his unending love and support –Belinda McDowall
I depend on my brother –manjunath
I depend on My family for support –Shirley Nicolle
Every child has the right to Feel safe, loved. and valued. –Fran Schwartz
Every child has the right to Education –Veraji Pathirage
Every child has the right toa loving, safe, nurturing family environment –Tannon Dorset
Without family a person will never reach their potential –Louisa Read
Children of the world need Loving parents that will help them in life –Logan Ezra
Children of the world need Love, kindness, water, and food –Christine Starr
Children of the world need Love and stability. –Maria Faina
Every child has the right to be cared, loved, eduated and protected by suitable organizations –Juile Yang
Every child has the right to Be a child. –Brian Pendley
I depend on family to give me boundaries and horizons. –Janet Patterson
Children of the world need to be acknowledged and affirmed. –Marilynne Teskey
Every child has the right to feel safe and loved –Lisa
Children of the world need to feel loved, appreciated, cared for, and have someone who believes in them. –Theresa Mahfood
I depend on my family for support when needed. –Kimberley Kontos
Every child has the right to Love and safety. –Jenny Branham
Every child has the right to live their dreams. –Sharon Ellesia
I depend on My children and the love we share –Angela Brown
Every child has the right toTo be safe and loved –Frances Cobb
Children of the world need a supportive and loving home –Yvonne
Every child has the right to Have a familie and a good éducation –Mathias Arnaud
I depend on all children need love –MARIA Martins
Every child has the right to love and laughter it is our responsibility to ensure they are protected and cared for –Debra Napper