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Hopeland is delighted to announce that in partnership with the independent publishing house Warbler Press we have published the children’s classic ‘Peter Pan’ as a Hopeland Edition with an exclusive preface from our Co-Founder Deborra-lee Furness.

All proceeds from sales of the book, which includes the original text by J.M Barrie and the original illustrations by F.D Bedford, will benefit Hopeland’s mission to ensure every child has a safe, loving home.

Peter Pan has fascinated and delighted readers of all ages for more than a century and entered our collective consciousness like few other books. Like other great archetypal stories, Peter Pan addresses the eternal questions: how to avoid our greatest pain, which is mortality; how to experience life rather than look at it as a bystander; and how to connect to others and what it means to belong.

In her preface, Deborra-lee tells us that her journey to Hopeland is not unlike Peter’s to Neverland in the famous novel: “There have been many twists and turns, obstacles to overcome and hurdles to jump. I first became aware of the enormity of the issue of vulnerable, at-risk or abandoned children on my travels through Africa and Asia with the organization World Vision. I witnessed so many children who, due to war, disease, poverty or abuse, were living on the streets or in institutions, where they were not thriving. Due to the trauma of abandonment and neglect, these children are at-risk for a multitude of challenges, including mental, physical, and emotional developmental delays, which will affect their ability to feel safe in the world and be able to nurture connections with others. These children feel invisible. All of us need to feel precious, that we are loved, seen and heard. That’s what a loving family can provide.”

Deborra-lee continues to emphasize the importance of Hopeland’s mission “to prevent parent/child separation, reunite separated children with their families and mobilize a movement of families, community, and government to ensure the best possible outcomes” and concludes that “Hopeland and Peter Pan share this: hope that love can overcome loneliness, hope that families can be created, and hope that every child will be loved.”

The Hopeland Edition is available at a wide-range of booksellers – you can even purchase from your local independent bookstore. You can read more about how to order on the Warbler Classics website – we hope you’ll consider purchasing a copy for you or a family member this Holiday season!

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