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Hopeland is delighted to join the #ENDViolence campaign and to endorse the vital policy proposals. Together we aim to end all violence against children, worldwide.

Through the Together to #ENDviolence Leaders’ Statement, senior leaders from across sectors and continents are using the power of our collective voice to call for these game-changing policy proposals.

A message from Hopeland’s Co-Founder & CEO

We are proud to have joined more than 50 other leading names in the child’s rights movement including Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of WHO and many others in signing the Leaders’ Statement and joined hundreds of other global organizations in supporting the policy proposals shown in the image below.

In support of this effort, Hopeland’s Co-Founder & CEO, Nicholas Evans said: “Hopeland’s mission is to create a world where every child lives in a safe, loving family – this cannot happen unless we #ENDViolence and so we are proud to endorse the Leaders’ Statement and vital policy proposals. By working together we can truly make change for children!”

One billion children worldwide face violence every year and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made this worse. Almost 2 billion children have had violence protection and response services interrupted by the pandemic. Furthermore the economic impact of this crisis has caused a “perfect storm” for violence against children – something we must work together to remedy.

This is a critical moment for the world’s children. Without acting urgently we risk losing a generation of children to the long-term impacts of violence and abuse that will undermine child safety, health, learning and development long after the pandemic subsides. We cannot let that happen.

Hopeland’s mission is to support efforts that allow children to live safe lives where they can thrive – that is why we have joined this campaign.

We urge leaders in government, the private sector, and all communities with responsibility for children to seize the moment and be champions of this agenda in their countries. Our leaders must prioritize protecting children by working together to deliver six game-changing actions to end violence against children:

Ban all forms of violence against children by 2030

Equip parents and caregivers to keep children safe

Make the internet safe for children

Make schools safe, non-violent and inclusive

Protect children from violence in humanitarian settings

More investment, better spent

You can read more about each policy proposal and what the End Violence Against Children Campaign is doing to help children at the links above.

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