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May 2023

Hopeland Highlights Orphanage Trafficking in Influential Global Report

The latest publication of the Global Slavery Index (GSI) was released yesterday in London. It is a major moment for the international community and a huge opportunity to raise awareness of the plight of children and families worldwide.

We are incredibly excited to share with you that Hopeland has partnered with Walk Free to co-author a spotlight on Orphanage Trafficking, the first time ever this issue has featured in the GSI – bringing much needed global attention to an issue we have campaigned on for years.

Hopeland attended the launch of the Global Slavery Index in London, England alongside former British Prime Minister, Teresa May MP and other leaders

The GSI has recognized the connection between children’s institutions and human trafficking, identifying orphanages as being deeply connected to exploitation.

This success builds on our work from 2019 which led to the United Nations General Assembly passing a resolution calling for the progressive phasing out of orphanages, moving towards family-based care, and highlighting the urgent need for action.

This major achievement will ensure that the biggest global players including leading Governments, the United Nations, and major NGOs pay attention to solving the crisis of Orphanage Trafficking.

Thank you to our key supporter doTERRA who have helped us achieve this significant milestone.

You can read our spotlight in full here.

Our spotlight has 4 Key Recommendations for Governments:

  1. Recognize the link between children in orphanages and modern slavery
  2. Curb the proliferation of orphanages and prioritize family and community based care
  3. Focus international aid on family and community strengthening initiatives
  4. Monitor international donations and raise awareness of the risks of funding orphanages

Together we can ensure our leaders take action to tackle Orphanage Trafficking and end Modern Slavery!