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At a historic meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union on October 27th, 2023 a groundbreaking Resolution was passed at the 147th Assembly of that body which calls on all 180 member states of the organization to:

1. Criminalize orphanage trafficking
2. Adopt model legislation to tackle the practice
3. Prioritize family-based care in all child care and protection policies
4. Strengthen deinstitutionalization programs and phase out orphanages and other forms of institutional care

The support and pressure of thousands of Hopeland supporters around the world has made a huge difference in delivering this Resolution. This means your activism will positively impact the millions of children around the world who have been trafficked into orphanages.

This vital resolution was supported by the signatures of over 41,000 Hopeland supporters who signed our petition calling on the IPU to pass this resolution. Thank you so much for your support!

During the week-long debate on the resolution 30 nations spoke – all of whom were in support of this important action that will mean significant action will be taken by the IPU’s member states to end orphanage trafficking.

Addressing the committee, Senator Linda Reynolds of Western Australia, who introduced the Resolution, said “This is a comprehensive and practical resolution that is focused on supporting parliamentarians to take meaningful action to stop this form of child trafficking, through education, legislation and advocacy.”

“In this resolution,” she continued, “we have much to be proud of. In fact, we have 8 million reasons to be proud. That is because 8 million vulnerable children have been transferred into orphanages or residential care settings for the purpose of exploitation or profit.”

Now, thanks to the tireless work of Senator Reynolds and the more than 41,000 of you who signed our petition – these children who have been exploited now have a chance of freedom and of growing up in a safe, loving family.

“I am so proud to have witnessed the passage of this resolution because I know how important it will be for the millions of vulnerable children worldwide who have been trafficked into and out of orphanages worldwide,” said Nick Evans, Hopeland Co-Founder & CEO.

“I am also so thankful to every single person who signed our petition”, Evans continued, “by demanding change you put the pressure on members of the IPU to pass this Resolution and ensure every child can grow up in a safe, loving family.”

Orphanage Trafficking is the recruitment or transfer of children into orphanages, or any residential care facility for the purpose of exploitation or profit. Orphanage traffickers prey upon children who are vulnerable to exploitation due to poverty, lack of access to education, and other causes. Children trafficked into orphanages may be subject to labor or sexual exploitation, servitude, or slavery-like practices, or harbored in orphanages to generate profit. It also results in the unnecessary separation of children from their families and exposes children to the devastatingly harmful developmental impacts associated with institutionalization.

It has also been shown that not only are children trafficked into orphanages – they have also been trafficked out of orphanages and into the sex trade and other exploitative practices. We must take action together to stop this.

We will continue to work with Senator Reynolds to keep the pressure on the IPU member states and to make sure they live up to their commitments to tackle orphanage trafficking and protect vulnerable children all over the world from this wicked practice.

Make sure you keep following us for updates as we make more and more progress for children and families!

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